If you're like most people, you want (or need) to get fit, but have a hard time putting it into practice.  You may be intimidated by gyms or do not know what to do there.  Sometimes you're just bored with your current fitness routine, or you've hit a plateau.  The environment of the fitness facility you choose is critical!  You want a good workout but you also want to feel comfortable and supported with sessions that are convenient for your hectic lifestyle.

Our Solution: We take the thinking out of it for just need to show up!!

We carefully plan our workouts every day for each fitness level so that you will be challenged and able to grow.  You will have the benefit of a World-Class Fitness Trainer with the camaraderie and affordability of a group setting.  When you join Limitless Fitness, you are joining a community of like-minded people who share your desire to more fully enjoy life. 

High Intensity "Fusion" Training

We incorporate Group Fitness, Flexibility, Strength Training and MMA Conditioning Certifications into very dynamic and exciting workouts.  You'll be using a variety of equipment as well as body weight in high intensity circuits that will give you a maximum burn efficiently.  Don't know what any of that means? Don't worry - it means you'll stretch, sweat and get strong and lean.  And have fun doing it!

Fitness Community

At Limitless Fitness, we're all about getting our clients results and we know that means more than just a workout!  We provide you with a team environment and a lot of support and encouragement.  Our goal is to help you reach your fitness goals and we will provide guidance on your exercise, nutrition and lifestyle to help you get there.  We provide a wealth of resources for you to access as well help you on your journey. 

About Us

Anthony (Tony) Maldonado is a Certified Fitness Instructor and Nutritional Counselor with a lifelong passion for fitness and years of experience in personal and group training.  He served in the US Marines for eight years and has incorporated many of the techniques there into his fun and effective boot-camps.  Tony has a fun, upbeat style and is able to motivate his clients through enthusiasm and encouragement.  Tony is Certified in Nutrition, Personal Training, Functional Training,Group Training, Stretching, Kettle-bell, Kickboxing, Flexibility and  MMA conditioning.  He is also a NESTA Physique and Figure Specialist and a natural (drug tested) body building champion.  Tony's clients say that he works them hard, and is always positive with them.

Kim Aldridge is a former gymnast and long time Limitless family member who brings positivity, encouragement and a work ethic that never stops to every workout!


Linda Kwan

Linda started training at Limitless Fitness as a client in 2014 and it became apparent that her dedication to continual improvement was matched only by her commitment to fellow fitness fanatics. Linda is your best cheerleader and never lets you quit!


Melissa Setterberg embodies the Limitless philosophy of getting awesome results through hard work and discipline while having FUN! Melissa lives limitlessly and gives of herself generously through many community and volunteer association



Carrie Maldonado is certified Life Coach and Human Resources specialist with twenty years of experience managing health and wellness in large companies.  Carrie can help you develop programs to encourage employee engagement and will work with your staff on tracking and recognition programs.  As well, Carrie is an experienced trainer and speaker and can provide entertaining and informative seminars to staff about health and wellness.


We are pleased to welcome you to your Limitless Family! You ARE Limitless!

Limitless Fitness employs additional trainers to help facilitate Classes and Corporate Programs depending on your organization's need.  Any and all representatives are thoroughly trained and vetted.